Tuesday, October 23, 2007

This Week's Track 9 - Chicago by Sufjan Stevens

One man can start so much shit.

Like this man. Mr Sufjan Stevens. Not only does he start enough shit to bash my brilliant track 9 theory into sawdust and then make me eat it with bread and pork floss, he goes and builds an entire epic album around it. And it's not just any old song, it's a brilliant number, almost triumphant.

Damn you, Sufjan Stevens. Why can't you just let a guy have his cake and eat his cake and, you know, stuff? Why do you always have to be so smart and arty and brilliant?

I mean, hey, I know I can't play 3000 instruments on a recording, my ass does not have critically loved concept albums from which I pull one out every two years, and even if I could do all these, I probably couldn't do it with the charm of the gentlechristianman that you are. So take your talent and sod off. Got it?

Yeah. Sod off to wherever your song is about, you... you... beautiful man.

Sufjan Stevens - Chicago (track 9 from Come On Feel the Illinoise)

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