Monday, October 15, 2007

Fad of the land: Spiral Frog

Hmmm. How does one spiral a frog? I mean, I remember in bio where I once crucified a frog and roasted his belly under the sun with a magnifying glass. But the dude sorta just popped. Then there was this other time I was craving for an apple guava smoothie, but I was out of guava, so I just substituted that with a frog and chucked both fruit and amphibian into the blender. But it all sorta meshed, rather than doing any noticeable spiraling. I must say, it did taste pretty tangy.

Anyways, while Spiral Frog won't attempt to solve my scientific conundrum, it does offer a chance to resolve the ancient duel between the "MP3 for free for me!" consumer and the "How dare you rob me of the chance to buy my 12th private jet!" music label CEO. The solution? Keep the downloads free, but make them ad-funded. Yep, meaning that as you search for your fav tracks, you get a bunch of targeted ads winking at you. So companies share the ad revenue, we get free music, and no one needs to pay US$222,000.

Neat idea. It's already got a fairly substantial stable of labels on board, including Universal and EMI, plus distributors like INgrooves (Thievery Corporation, Lady Sovereign) and Kudos Records (Corinne Bailey Rae). But, as always, fine print: it's currently limited to the US and Canada. Oh well. Back to the hunt for fully illegal, ad-free, lawsuit-friendly music. And maybe instructions on how to spiral a frog.


Thievery Corporation - The Outernationalist (from The Richest Man In Babylon) [BUY]
Lady Sovereign - My England (from Public Warning) [BUY]
Corinne Bailey Rae - Trouble Sleeping (from Corinne Bailey Rae) [BUY]

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