Saturday, December 29, 2007

2007 List Wrap Up: 8 Top, Truly Free Albums

Dear Thom,

I tried. I really did. I mean, I typed in 0.00 like 345,378 other people, but I was at least willing to pay the 90p credit card fee. But for some reason known only to Thor, your system just wouldn’t take my details. Of course, I later found out that the name on my card read “Kim Jong Il”, and it had been somehow blacklisted as a weapon of mass destruction by 128 countries worldwide (including yours), but that’s way besides the point. Which is, that I tried.

Anyways, it’s a good thing you’re not the only generous guy in the world. Keep it up, matey.

Yours cheaply,

Scott Orr – Miles From Today

Bob would be proud (but not as poor).
Scott Orr – Take Them Home
[ download ]

Various Artistes – OKX

What more can a man ask for than two free Radiohead albums in one year? (Pause. Long, deep and hard thoughts. Momentary images of a gyrating Zhang Ziyi.) Ok, nevermind.
John Vanderslice – Karma Police
[ download ]

Lil Wayne – Da Drought 3

So what’s so prolific about releasing a bunch of 30-track mixtapes every few months? Yes, Napalm Death, I can hear you snore.
Lil Wayne – Ride 4 My Niggas
[ download ]

Great Lake Swimmers – Live From the Church of the Redeemer EP

Anyone ever tried recording in a Buddhist temple? Like yeah, there are no pipe organs, but those chanting monks have serious indie acumen. Serious.
Great Lake Swimmers – Moving Pictures Silent Films
[ download ]

Tim Fite – Over The Counter Culture

The next time someone tells you that white men can’t rap, you just think of this Brooklyn poet, and then prepare a snappy comeback, and then think of Fred Durst, and then forget about the comeback and concede defeat and offer silent prayers that Fred continues to believe he can sing.
Tim Fite - Over The Counter Culture
[ download ]

Various Artistes – The Limitless Potential

Nine Inch Nails fans are nuts. It’s not because they spend their spare time remixing Year Zero. No, the other day one dude walked up to me with a face like Trent and a couple of nails poking out of his ribs. I think they were 14 inches though. He sorta failed maths.
Dirty Scarab – My Violent Heart (Prevention; Rejection)
[ download ]

Chris Singleton – Twisted City

I’ve started my six-month-old on a bottle of Irish beer a day. The vision is that he too will be a killer singer-songwriter by the time he’s 4. I think it’s working; his first words are “Damien”. Makes daddy all warm and snug inside.
Chris Singleton - Twisted City
[ download ]

Various Artistes – Seriously Westcoast Vol. 1

You know, sometimes giving some away for free only for 24 hours isn’t a bad thing. Speaking of which, you can pick up Chip the dolphin from my backyard starting now, and ending tomorrow at 1.51am. After that, he’s only available as a torrent, or soup.
Leigh Nash – Ocean Size Love
[ download ]


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention guys.

- scott orr

billy at theworldforgot said...

well sometimes giving an album away for only 24 hours is a good idea. but then some other people have an even gooder idea of making said album available forever {or as long as the interweb survives}

thanks for the link. billy at the world forgot.

DJ durutti said...

Ha ha! great job compiling this list!

you forgot to mention Sual WIlliams' Niggy Tarsdust and the Madlib / Talib project, and . . . oh there're probably a couple dozen others, all of which i missed out on.

p.s. did you see this list speculating on what "big" names may be next (Daft Punk?, Chuck D?, Sufjan?, Prince?, etc)

Pantsy said...

Hmmm, Trail of Dead? That would be an interesting freebie indeed.

Scott, great job there, so it's our pleasure. And billy, you're right, god bless the interweb. the world wide net truly rocks :)

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