Monday, December 10, 2007

Look What I Found in the Bargain Bin

The Last Broadcast

Price: RM9.90

Have you ever needed to seriously take a dump?

Like not the 'I could hold it out for another 25-minutes' kind, but the 'if I don't go now it's all going to come out' kind. Well I had one of those championship bouts over the weekend when I was walking around a dingy dim-lit mall in the city. That was when I saw this in some space polluted record store, after sniffing out the bargain bin section.

It was either pick this up, because it is such an essential classic, and run like an MF to the little boy's room or play it safe, leave it first, walk casually towards the toilet, buying a pack of tissue along the way and let is all come out like new age music. Me being the pirate that I was, I chose the former.

So I shat in my pants.

Doves - Pounding (from The Last Broadcast)

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