Monday, December 3, 2007

Switchfoot: Live in Singapore in January 2008

Yes our super duper top secret Inspector Gadget has once again clued us into the fact (yes I said fact, so it's serious guys, no more sucking on that Gumby toy) that popular Christian rockers Switchfoot are set to get the angels in Singapore fluttering in January 2008.

I recently heard the term 'positive rock' being used to describe the band's music. I laughed seriously hard when I heard that. And I don't laugh easily. Except the time when I saw Petra talking to some loser at some party and she ended up leaving with him. I laughed so hard cause I figured she probably thought the guy was me. Which is incredibly silly because I was wearing an orange and green getup ( a tribute to Aquaman) while he was in blue and black. Sigh, such a cute and silly girl.

Yes back to 'positive rock'. Why it's silly? Because you shouldn't put a 'positive' and a 'negative' to everything. Cause soon people will say they ate some positive Ipoh soup noodles today and drank some negative goat's milk. Unless you're talking about my large biceps in which case it cannot be anything other than positive. Just look at them, look. Oh you can't see? Too bad then. Maybe you're negative. Ha ha ha. There I go laughing again.

Must be lightening up.

Switchfoot - Faust, Midas, and Myself (from Oh! Gravity)


Anonymous said...

well. positive or negative, their music sounds pretty damn good to me. i saw them in concert @ Penn state. they were one of the best concerts i have been to all year. put on a really good live show...they even did a little cover of "high and dry" was nice.

Proud Mom of Teen said...

Their concerts are incredibly. I've seen them 3 times, never been less than amazed.

In case you haven't heard, Jon Foreman has released an EP with 6 solo works (and three more EPs to come, one for each season.) It's called Fall, and you can get download it at

Anonymous said...

Their concerts are incredibly?

Their concerts are incredibly?

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