Monday, December 3, 2007

Mosaic Music Fest 2008 rumoured lineup

I ain't one to swoon. I really ain't. Like the other day, I was waiting at a traffic light when an SSC Ultimate Aero drove right next to me. It was revving its engine and shaking its azure-toned ass, and its driver was a Victoria Secret model who had just done a show but didn't have time to change so she still had her peacock headgear and leopard skin lingerie on. I didn't even look up. In fact, I was so bored, I started counting the number of molecules on my dashboard, and changing the radio frequency to Dangdut FM so that I'd be able to escape this ordinary, un-swoon-worthy world.

So when our ever-trusty grapevine squeezed rumour juice our way that next year's Mosaic Music Fest in Singapore is going to play host to Broken Social Scene, Múm, The Bird And The Bee, Harry Connick Jr, Earth, Wind and Fire and a bunch of other unconfirmed acts—I just yawned. Like, so what if BSS might have Leslie Feist in tow as a carryover from their Laneway Festival shindig? Or so what if Múm are fully capable of teleporting the entire horizon of Iceland right into my cushy consciousness? So what. Soooo what. Come, for all I care. I don't give a ra...

They better approve my leave or I'm taking out the bazooka.

Broken Social Scene - hHallmark (from Bee Hives)
Múm - Marmalade Fires (from Go Go Smear Your Poison Ivy)
The Bird And The Bee - Because (from The Bird And The Bee)
Harry Connick Jr - Danny Boy (from Come By Me)
Earth, Wind & Fire - Love's Dance (from Illumination)

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bombom said...

you wanto bazooka the two Rs??

i googled "Mosaic Singapore 2008" and this came up.

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