Saturday, December 29, 2007

Carol for the Week: O Come All Ye Faithful

Ahhh... Christmas. The season for giving. A time for family to reminisce the year gone by. A day of peace, joy and thanksgiving, where...

What, it's over??? What, three days ago??? What, we're three days away from 2008??? What, you mean Easter's over as well??? What, World Rattlesnake Day too??? What, you mean this year was 2007??? What, you mean I won't get to build my mansion on Mars??? What, you mean they're also scrapping my plans for the Tower of Babel???

Sheesh, the year flies by so fast.

Belle and Sebastian - O Come All Ye Faithful (from Radio 1 Peel Session Christmas Special)
Organs, cymbal swells, glocks, horns, a backing choir—about as Sufjan as B&S get. And that ain't too shabby, mate.

Starfield - O Come All Ye Faithful (Internet-only single)
A minor-themed, axe-centric tint by these Canadian CCMers makes room in the inn for the Coldplay faithful.

Faith Evans - O Come All Ye Faithful (from A Faithful Christmas)
Faith's slow jam snaps might just send 'em angels down to earth on a pole.

Third Day - O Come All Ye Faithful (from Christmas Offerings)
Mac Powell's Stappsonian grunt makes angelic adoration a little tasking, especially if they come a-fluttering with hairy chests.

Johnny Cash - Oh Come All Ye Faithful (from Christmas with Johnny Cash)
Ok, I'm done. More carols next year.

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