Sunday, December 23, 2007

Carol for the Week: Silent Night

Seriously, this song has issues. Show me a newborn infant that is tender and mild. Better still, show me how the heck all can ever be calm or bright when you got Oh Young and Restless One pissing on your new duvet and squealing in your ear while you attempt to shake a bottle of powdered milk at 4.35am, because mummy said it's your turn.

Want a silent night? Rear a cactus.

Sinead O'Connor - Silent Night (from Fred Claus soundtrack)
You could drop the pin and pop the silence, but Sinead's Enya-tinged version might make you wanna stick 'em in those teary pupils instead.

Delirious? - Silent Night (Internet-only single)
Brit CCM act bulge the carol's canon with their own blues-inflected offering.

Boyz II Men - Silent Night (from Christmas Interpretations)
Airy accapellas that would quienten the drunkest of neighbours.

Melys - Tawel Nos (Silent Night) (from It's a Cool, Cool Christmas)
Sung in Welsh, with a waltz undertone no less, the Melys speak in tongues of angels. How do I know? My angel Braith Bronwyn translated. I trust him.

Bright Eyes - Silent Night (from A Christmas Album)
Pedal steel shimmers and a dark pool of bubbling toms make Conor Oberst's evening not just silent, but deathly.

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