Friday, December 7, 2007

New Release: i concur - Whatever it's Going To Be

I used to have a friend who studied in Leeds, and he used to complain about the place. Saying how everything closes at about 5pm and the only thing to do in winter is to pour boiling water on the window so it doesn't crack from the cold.

So for the longest time I thought Leeds was like the Shire but with taller people. You know, the whole community gatherings, hairy feet and occasional visits from all-powerful wizards. Basically it's where I want to go when I need to show off my huge medieval sword. Cause no one here in KL seems to appreciate it. Every time I whip it out, I get arrested by the cops. It's quite frustrating.

So believe me, I was rather taken aback when I found out that this delectable shoegaze and very electronic racket I am hearing hails from Leeds, the land of butter and goat's milk. What did you say? I am an idiot because I don't know where Eric Cantona made a name for himself first? Eric Cantona, oh right, that French kung-fu guy right?

Track list:

1. Demons & Slaves
2. Oblige
3. Decimal Places
4. Exits are Blockades

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Thanks for this. We'll be putting out I concur's debut single in March next year.

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