Saturday, December 15, 2007

More acts announced for Mosaic

It's nice to be Asian these days isn't it?

I mean, above the fact that we possibly have the best food in the world here, we also had/have Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. Sure, the West have Optimus Prime, Marla Sokoloff and Tarzan, but they can't kick as high as the two sky generals we have. And plus, let's not forget that even a post-humous Bruce Lee could take out Kareem Abdul-Jaabar.

And now, we have the enigmatic Swede Sondre Lerche headed up here with quartet The Faces Down for a bit of dinner and dance jazz loving. Who knows, if we are lucky, he may even throw in a Phantom Punch or two. Then there is UK band Fujiya Miyagi which incidentally, does not consist of anyone Japanese. And yes, I am well aware that these bands are from the West as well but hey, once you're here, you're Asian. Apparently it's some race-altering secret weapon that some Japanese scientist invented recently. It has to be a Japanese scientist because only they were daring and smart enough to research on ways of defeating Godzilla.

And what has the height of a kick have to do with superiority? Well, don't just stand there asking me questions, just try to level a flying kick at your wall-mounted kitchen cabinets. Can't reach? Pain as f**k? Told ya.

Sondre Lerche - Say It All (from Phantom Punch)
Fujiya & Miyagi - Collarbone (from Transparent Things)

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Anonymous said...

sondre lerche is not swedish...

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