Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Release: Amberhaze - Amberhaze EP

Whenever anyone comes to visit my house, the first thing I show them is not my $2 million chandelier. Nor is it my $190,000 carpet. Nor is it my bevy of French maids that never fail to serve me my hourly cup of Columbian roast coffee while dusting the specks of dirt off my $840 suit that I wear to do the dishes (yes, my mummy trained me well).

No, whenever anyone comes to visit my house, the first thing I show them is my coffee table. Why? Because it was made in Italy. The chandelier was made in Mongolia, the carpet was smuggled in from Thailand and the French maids keep pronouncing "merci" as "mercy" (I bought them in bulk, can't expect much I suppose). But the coffee table? Straight from the factories of Florence. It's my pride and joy. The one thing I'll save if my house burns down (and maybe a couple of maids, to help me carry the table).

Of course, there was this one time when my 6-year-old nephew spotted a "Made in Kajang" sticker on the leg of the table. Thankfully, before he could blurt anything out, I snapped his scrawny neck and told his parents he fell asleep watching my goldfish. God knows what they thought when he didn't wake up.

Amberhaze is Guiliano Gullotti, an Italian expat planting his laptop rock trade in Singapore. And admit it: when you discovered Album Leaf wasn't from Iceland, and his first name was as apple pie as Jimmy, you wanted to assassinate someone, right? So these things matter, yo.

Track list:

1. Bird's Eye
2. Beautiful Design
3. Welcome
4. Can You Hear Us Now?
5. Faith In Numbers

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Sixten said...

mwahahah this blog is hilarious, why did you stop it??? please post again!!

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