Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cold War Kids Free EP download

Cold War Kids have released a free EP, their 2005-recorded Mulberry Street. Apparently they recorded this and two other EPs in exchange for bassboy Matt Maust offering some designing services to the studio boss. Not to shabby a trade, since the EP's got its indie quirk moments, and Maust ain't exactly the art ignoramus.

So anyways, go to Rcrd Lbl to get it. You coulda got it here, I suppose, but since they politely requested for downloaders to not rehost it, I'm adhering. I listen to politeness, you know. I mean, this one time when some guy cut into my lane. But he had a bumper sticker that read "Please excuse me", and then he put up his hand as a universal sign of apology, and flashed me the nicest smile possible. His three-year-old sitting in the front seat even mouthed "Thank you so much!". I thought to myself, awwww, they're real nice, think I'll let them go. So all I did was blast them with my twin-barrel machine gun turrets attached to the roof of my Pajero. But I made sure not to hit the boy's eyes, so he could attend his dad's funeral and mourn properly. I'm gracious like that.

Cold War Kids - Hair Down (from Robbers and Cowards)

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