Friday, December 21, 2007

Top 8 Albums of 2007: Pantsy's Picks

The Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet Ribbon

Radiohead - In Rainbows

For three years, my goldfish were watching videotapes, my partridge was building a house of cards, and I was assembling a 4,000 piece jigsaw puzzle in the nude. Then, on 10th October, it all suddenly made sense.
Radiohead - Nude

The Wordless Nod to My Hourglass Bod

Justice -

No seriously, I work hard on my figure. Even if I didn't have fuzzy fiestas like this to workout to, I have my anteater Andy, who just released his 12th exercise video, "Andy's Awesome Aerobics". What, you think these pecs came from eBay?
Justice - Phantom

Humanitarian Peace Prize for 55 and Over

Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full

When I'm 55, I too want to be a knight, pick up soul and twiddle with synths. Oh, and have a trusty steed named Bruce.
Paul McCartney - See Your Sunshine

The IinternatIional Vowel Day Ambassadors

Biirdie - Catherine Avenue

Ii passed EnglIish. SerIiously. Ii was even appoIinted the representatIive of WorcestershIire. The deal is, they send me three crates of sauce each month, and Ii represent them Iin councIil meetIings. So faIir.
Biirdie - Petals

The 12th-minute Injury Time Game Winner

Lupe Fiasco - The Cool

Score tied. Second-year upstart strips off the tracks. Straps the boots. Flosses. Scores. Crowd cheers. Game over.
Lupe Fiasco - Hi-Definition

The 'And Is The New The' Award

Angus & Julia Stone - A Book Like This

Ahh yes; Aussie siblings turning fairytales into folk opuses. How timeless. Just like how I used to play "fry the feline" with my brother. Those were fun days.
Angus & Julia Stone - Soldier

The Immortal Elixir for the Comatose

Sigur Ros - Hvarf/Heim

My possum's wife passed away last year. For 10 months, he slept for 12 hours, and watched Desperate Housewives for 11 more (the other hour was spent massaging me). But ever since hearing this, the furry freak now can't stop humping my knees. At least my skin is smooth.
Sigur Ros - Hafsol

The OMG You Mean There's Another Canadian State Making Brill Music Trophy

Small Sins - Mood Swings

So one morning in Geography class, Mr Moorthy said, "And so, Toronto is Canada's largest city...". Immediately, I interrupted him, pulled out my Pitchfork-approved world map, and fought with the bugger for two hours, insisting every Canadian city was named Montreal. Then the bastard showed me the CN Tower, and played me 'Drunk E-Mails'. I fainted and died (thank God for CPR).
Small Sins - Drunk E-Mails

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