Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Updates: Baybeats 2008: Full Lineup Announced - Aug 29 to 31

It's back.

Bigger? Perhaps not. Better? Well that is rather subjective. Bolder. In some ways yeah. The Lucksmiths aren't exactly your token Singa-worshiped emo band and My Little Airport should at least get some buy-ins from the twee brigade.

Oh it's also free, right? Yeah here's a wise lesson (and I may have said this before) - anything free is automatically good. Yep, doesn't matter if you don't want it or have no use for it, just as long as it is free, you should take it. Like somoene gave me a free baby gorrilla about 10 years ago. And sure we have our hardships (like how it slapped uncle Sunny and killed him) but I believe the ends justifies the means. That being that it was free. Yeehah.

The full schedule is out now. Go here to check it out.

Full Lineup:

The Lucksmiths, Jebediah, Joy Electric, My Little Airport, Electrico, Typecast, Silhouette, Faspitch, Force Vomit, Agrikulture, Peepshow, Caracal, The Oddfellows, Deserters, Vertical Rush, The Shine & Shine & Shine & Shine, elemental gaze, Abuse The Youth, Leeson, Anna Judge April, You and Whose Army?, The Other Side Orchestra, The Lilac Saints, Sourgrapes, The Oslo Castaways, Another Epic Story, Cardinal Avenue, Morning Utopia, Midnight Marvel.

The Lucksmiths - I Started a Joke (Bee Gees cover) (from Spring a Leak) [BUY]
Force Vomit - Siti (from Give It Up for the Trustfund Rockers)

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Steven B. said...

That's a great cover! I've never heard it before. Thanks!

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