Monday, May 26, 2008

Fad of the Land: The 100K Battle

To you, the card-carrying member of that corner of the hip-hop digging populace that daily bemoans the murder of your genre by pussy-faced practitioners and their faux-thuggin' swipes, bemoan no longer. Premiere hip-hop program the Wake Up Show has teamed up with social networking/music discovering site urSESSION — the self-proclaimed "Sundance of the music industry" — to give unsigned rappers America-wide the chance to flaunt their flow on top of some body-rocking beats. Called the 100K Battle, it features 28 beats produced by DJ giants like Pete Rock, Alchemist and the late J Dilla, all of which are freely available for MCs to download and spit their Spartacus over. The winner — determined by online voting — gets $5,000, a round trip to LA, an appearance on the Wake Up Show and a chance to bump 'n grind with some MC-hunting agent.

Neato. So how did this killer idea come about anyways? Well, Legend has it that one day, Wake Up Show co-host King Tech was cruising through San Francisco Bay Area, and he was listening to the radio, and a dude called into the station pining for the hip-hop legends of yore, and Tech started mulling over the whack-ass beats on radio today and was suddenly struck with an epiphany, which lead to a flurry of phone calls and...

Woh, woh. You askin' me to back up a jiffy? Oh, you're wondering why "Legend" is being spelt with a capital "L". Well, you clearly have not met Mr Legend. No, not John Legend, ya ol' dunce. I'm talkin' 'bout Legend. He always has it. Always had, always will have. He can be a bloody selfish prick sometimes, I must admit. But since he has it, you can't really do much. Unless you too have a homie named Story, who always goes. In which case, good for you. Your Story goes and my Legend has it. They should get married.


Auburn Lull - The Last Beat (from Alone I Admire) [BUY]

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