Friday, May 23, 2008

Camera Obscura Wants You

Yes, you.

Yep, even though you are wearing that horrendous fluorescent chicken suit with the prosthetic beer belly and large rubber feet, they still want you to be their Lloyd Cole.

Okay we lied. You seriously think a guy in a chicken suit is equivalent to a living music legend? In fact I must say, we lie quite a bit. Biggest lie I have ever told? Let's see. Ooo yeah, there was this one time, I told some chick at some swanky party that I am ugly. Gosh, I felt so bad after that.

Anyways back to our less apparent habit of telling the truth, the Glaswegian band are seriously looking for potential concert organizers to bring their yummy act over here in Malaysia for a show. They already have a date in Singapore more or less pegged but they would love to make the five-hour bus journey here for a show as well. So yeah, if you were the quiet kid in school that was always doodling on the science lab table, dreaming about organizing a show for Camera Obscura, your dream can come true.

If you are interested, do drop us a note here or in the comments box for this post and we can shoot it up to the powers that be. We were told by them to post this. Only apply if you are serious, and you can get the job done, okay? Which means, we are asking you to be like us. It's not easy, we know.

Camera Obscura - Eighties Fan (from Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi) [BUY]


yoongbing said...

I am dead serious. Oh yeah I was the quiet kid in school that was always doodling on the science lab table. I am a poor student, I am no concert organizer, I don't have the financial ability, I am just a music enthusiast, is there anyway I can be involved?

The Geek said...

Unfortunately right now, what they need is a concert organizer. Nothing happens unless someone steps up. Keep reading this space for updates on this.

By the way, doodling is great. Carry on doodling. We here are of the opinion that should doodling be one day be the key to saving the world from an invading human race, you would be in line to be its hero.


marineko said...

alas, i have no idea as to how to organize a concert. my dad used to do that when he was my age, though...

i really really really hope someone steps up and brings Camera Obscura here, so that i can watch them twice!

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