Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Macarena-zation of hip-hop

Salon's Paul Kix laments the dorkifying process that hip-hop has undergone. In his words, "We are witnessing nothing less than the Macarena-zation of a genre". He goes on to blame Soulja Boy for pioneering the demise, which he attributes to the two-pronged attack of infantile lyrics and corny, music exec-driven dance moves that even politicians can imitate.

Unfortunately, Kix, in his impassioned indictment against his beloved's hideous state, forgot to mention one key factor in its degradation: the hair has become normal. It's truly depressing, if you think about it. I mean, my Busta Rhymes dreadlocks used to get the honeys honking before they rounded the corner. My Snoop horns once won me an audition to appear on the hit reality program "Body Implants You Should Never Let Your Child Know About" (check out UPN for reruns). But now? Heck, I'm starved for role models. I can't even get a spot as the backrow balcony audience of Last Comic Standing. And no one believes my crop top is a tribute to Fat Joe. So Paul Kix, word man. I feel ya. Damn you, hip-hop.

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