Friday, May 9, 2008

Fad of the land: myhab

So apparently it's music festival season. If you're the fanatic who considers a gap in the daily schedule as sacreligious as Obama becoming Republican, then you can stop reading (but if you do, I'll chop your balls). But if you're the type that was forced to accompany your ball-less fanatic to the fest but you had no idea why 65DaysofStatic were such a big deal (and why their keyboard was missing a space bar), well lad(d)y, we've got your salvation.

You see, all is hardly lost. For one, you can definitely enjoy the nap time, and the promise of napping with a random drugged-out festivalian. Which is where myhab comes in. This tent gets two thumbs up from Gaia, Mommy Nature and the rest of 'em earth-doting divines. It's fully recycable, has a double mattress, and a spot for muddy boots. Myhabbers rent a tent, then pick it up at the myvillage that has been set up at the fest of their choice. Once the music fades, and the condoms run out, myhab staffers recycle the tent, and set up for the next shindig.

So yup, you're covered. Now, back to you, oh ball-less fanatic who is not going to be doing any sleeping at that outback blast you've planned 19 millenniums for. Please accept my invitation to the first annual Bottomless Eunuch and Uncle Snip Fest. Ignore the name, and the promo flyer that shows a pair of scissors cutting a guitar neck in half. Seriously, the line up is a slice... I mean, slam dunk. It'll totally chop into your extens... sorry, expectations of fests. My neighbours can fully testicl—heck, there I go again. Testify. Testify. Testi.


The Hold Steady - Chillout Tent (from Boys and Girls In America) [BUY]

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