Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Release: Alan Wilkis - Babies Dream Big

Doing a genre-hopping ode to a particular era of music is always going to be a difficult endeavour. So kudos to the chaps who actually succeed, like Alan Wilkis. The potential for aimlessness is massive, but Wilkis steers a steady ship, frequently conjuring up the spirits of yesteryear to inhabit his confluence of snaps, sizzles and croons. Imitatio Princei, if you must.

So what can we learn from Alan Wilkis? That it pays to grow up in Brooklyn. Take my good buddy Clarence, for example. He moved there 18 years ago, and immediately started a family with the cornershop guy's daughter. The day his first son was born, he got paid. Every year, when the boy celebrated his birthday, Clarence got a cheque mailed to his house. Eventually he got a hang of the system, and started throwing birthdays every six months, then every month, then eventually progressed to having one every 4 hours 29 minutes. It's tiring stuff, but he never stops getting paid. He just bought his third fighter jet, the lucky punk.

So yeah, once again listen up: It pays to grow up in Brooklyn. I think I'm finally getting a hang of this whole "figure of speech" business.

Track listing:

1. Burnin'
2. It's Been Great
3. I'm Famous [BUY]
4. Milk and Cookies
5. In My Dreams
6. Babyland at Dusk
7. I Wanna Know
8. I Love The Way
9. Stage Select
10. Girls On Bikes
11. Bad Mamma Jamma
12. Astronaut (Would You Be One?)

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