Friday, May 9, 2008

Underoath, weeping into our shores soon?

Yes ye lovers of weepy hardcore boys, Christian hardcore big boys Underoath are scheduled to hit our murky waters sometime in the next 3-months so look out for it. If you don't see anything, try and listen out for the sound of a grown-up 31-year old man in a tight Black Flag tee, studded belt and a beard crying? How does that sound? Like any other grown-up 31-year old man in a tight tee crying of course. You make it sound like they are rare. Even my Aunt Gertha listens to Black Flag.

Yes, the Underoath singer sometimes sounds like he is crying. I mean, I can understand how that feels. I used to cry when I was sad, these days I just cry when I want something. I know, you might say, 'you're 31-years old so you shouldn't be crying to get something any more', but hey, if it gets the job done, why not? It all started when I was 10. My sis took this toy car I had away from me. So I cried. And then I cried louder. So my mom put my sis in a figure four and spin kicked her out the window and gave me back my car. Yeah, I know, my mom is very lovable. I am so happy I am in a loving functional family. Love ya momma.

Underoath - Alone in December (from The Changing of Times) [BUY]

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