Tuesday, May 6, 2008

In the papers today...

The tiny Greek island of Lesbos is going to court to prevent a gay rights group from using the term "lesbian". Inhabitants of the land insist that only they should be called Lesbians. Sources say the gay rights group will be represented by Bert and Ernie.
This story reminds me of: Victor Bermon - View of the Islands (from Arriving At Night)

Jamacain sprinter Usain Bolt has run the second-fastest 100m sprint ever, clocking a time of 9.76 seconds at the Jamaica International Invitational. Now, Olympians have another thing to mull over, besides wondering if Tyson Gay's parents were disappointed when their son started sprinting instead of carrying on the family's boxing ring/strip club business.
This story reminds me of: Tortoise - A Simple Way to Go Faster Than Light That Does Not Work (from TNT)

WWE founder Vince McMahon is to be honoured with a lifetime achievement award at the 53rd annual Promax/BDA conference in New York. McMahon's win continues the award's recognition of those who carved an identity out of convincing people they actually existed, such as Santa Claus, Chinese Democracy and Paula Abdul's sanity.
This story reminds me of: The National - Fake Empire (from Boxer)

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