Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ROCKONRAVE: Throw them suckers off the roof

Yes, if you are wondering whether or not ROCKONRAVE features rock bands and rave DJs mixing it up in a single 2-day music fest on the rooftop of a popular residential mall, then yes, you are spot on. Brownie points should be given to the organizers for daring not only to be so darn silly but also to be so darn obvious, in this day and age where everyone's trying to not show their underwear or their boobs on TV. Oh wait, I got mixed up. That was another time.

Rooftop gigs are always fun. I once went to this show where the crowd would throw any band they did not like off the roof. The music got better as the night progressed. Good concept.

List of bands:

Saturday 7th June

Butterfingers . Republic of Brickfields . Furniture . Komplot . The Otherside Orchestra . Man Under Zero Effort . Avalon's Whisper . Par Avion . Scandel26 . Grape . Telephony Delivery . Ashes of Scarlet . Second Combat . Bunkface . 40Winks . Deserters . Twilight Actiongirl . Shaheed Naz

Visual Artist: PerezOldschool

Sunday 8th June

Oh Chentaku . Bittersweet . Couple . Nao . Lightcraft . Cassandra . A New Fall . Restraint . Dashown . Forsaken . They Will Kill Us All . Creamson . Funky Doryz . Killeur Calculateur . 41 .
Twilight Actiongirl . Unknown Device

Visual Artist: PerezOldschool


Date: 7th and 8th June
Venue: Rooftop of Cineleisure Damansara
Time 1pm - midnight
Price: 2 days pre-sale tickets - RM50, 1 day pre-sale ticket - RM30 and door tickets - RM35

For more, go here

Bittersweet - Burn Berlin Down (new single)
Butterfingers - Faculties of the Mind (from Transcendence)
Couple - She's Not Mine (from Turning Melancholy to Magic EP)
They Will Kill Us All - Running into Spaces (previously unreleased)

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