Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Release: Plainsunset - Plainsunset

So they broke up, formed splinter groups, realized it wasn't quite working out, wept as a group, made up, reformed, wrote new songs and recorded this album.

For those of you that do not reside in Singapore or some regions of Malaysia, the news that Singa-punk heroes Plainsunset have not only reformed but have released a new album might be as much news to you as your dad farting again. But hey, to the selected few, these guys are heroes.

Which sorta brings me back to the time, about five years ago when I was a bit of a hero. I was walking along the path to my home when I encountered a five year old neighborhood kid being preyed upon by a drool-dripping rabid pitbull in attack mode. I could see the fear in the kid's eyes, and the blood-lust in the mutt's. So I ran and ran and ran until I reached my home and locked the doors. I felt like a hero because someone very wise once told me that a hero lives to fight another day. Then again I could have been the one who said that. The kid? Don't know what happened to him. Someone mentioned something about him being mauled to death by a dog. I wonder what happened.

Track listing:

1. Johari Window
2. Interference
3. De Oppresso Liber
4. Children
5. Eyeliner
6. Song of Achilles
7. River Song
8. Postcards From Paradise
9. Sweetest Nothings
10. Greatest Days

1 comment:

Raidah said...

i think plainsunset is by far one of the best local bands i've heard thus far. not just being a local band, but one of THE bands.

it's good to hear that they're back after 2 years. would definitely wanna listen more of them.

don't you think so?

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