Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Update: Look out people, Envy could be heading over here on August 9th

Update: Yes the date and venue is confirmed. Venue will be the Esplanade Concert Hall. For more ticketing info, head on here. And RM50 to the first person that pees on the spotless wooden walls in a fit of emotional rage.
Update: Yes, apparently a date has already been set for the band's appearance in this region. Singapore is touted as the most likely destination, with a Malaysian show highly possible as well. We've been trying to strangle more information out of our informer. He keeps saying he doesn't know anymore. I think he is lying. Oh wait, it's a she apparently. Hey wait a minute, isn't that the old lady from downstairs?

Our dependable paparazzi of the high seas has caught a buzz that a certain fairly known collective in Thailand are looking to bring Japanese hardcore band Envy for a show and are looking for people to hook them up here for a date or two as well.

They prefer slender and colorful 'kawai' girls but will be willing to make an exception for extremely good looking local women as well. The girls have to own at least one studded belt or an Embrace record. If you own both, the option for marriage is immediately activated. I myself have donated my sexy cashier girl for the cause. And yes, she owns an Embrace record. Damn stupid disposable Brit-pop band.

Although it goes without saying but I feel the need to point it out anyway - guys are strictly prohibited from applying.

Unless you smell like Ian MacKaye

Envy - A Far Off Reason (from Compiled Fragments 1997-2003) [BUY]

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