Thursday, January 17, 2008

B-Side of the Week - Borderline

Sufjan Stevens
Borderline (from the The Dress Looks Nice On You single)
(Rough Trade Records)

Here's a riddle.

You can find them in Maplesville, Alabama. You can find them in Adobe Park, Colorado. You can find them in Hazleton, Indiana. And you can find them in Oak Grove, Kentucky.

They're there in Palmyra, Nebraska. They're there in Finger, Tennessee. Even in Belleville, Wisconsin, they exist. And if you go to Three Fountains, Arizona, they're also there.

You can even get them in Reading, Vermont, where they sit in their rooms alone. Culp Creek, Oregon is home to some, and they're friendlier there. Adams, Massachusetts is home to more, but that doesn't mean they're still more friendly.

I met an exciting one in Jackson Ford, Arkansas. I was introduced to three in Salem, Georgia. In Lynnville, Iowa, I fell in love with one. In Wendell, Idaho, many fell in love with me.

I followed one home in Dickinson, North Dakota, and we talked into the night. I followed ten around for days in Westbrook, Maine, but we hardly spoke. I was in Tallulah, Louisiana when I met the earliest bunch of them. The last one I ever saw was in Paradise, Montana.

There aren't many in Bradley, Oklahoma, but still there are some. There are tons of them at Edgewood, Pennsylvania, but they're all butt ugly. The ones in Rosalia, Washington are even uglier, and they're not happy about it. But the folks in Keahi, Hawaii are mostly wonderful.

What is this?

Come on, give it a shot. Give up? You sure? Very sure?

The answer: bloody pissed off Sufjan Stevens fans, cos after two concept albums, the man is getting lazy. In the meantime, we're supposed to be happy with this.

Sufjan Stevens - Borderline


Anonymous said...

I've heard he's recording. Be patience. I'm sure his next release will be worth the wait.

Anonymous said...

geez. what's up with all the anger/bitterness on this blog all the time...? good sufjan track at least.

billy said...

i'm sick of everyone bitching about sufjan albums. he just did The BQE recently and he has a veritable treasure trove of older works if you're sick of listening to the "two concept albums" by which i assume you mean Michigan and Illinoise. give avalanche or seven swans a try. even his christmas efforts are timeless. and if that isn't enough there is a huge amount of rare tracks, singles, covers, and live music to hold you over.

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