Friday, January 18, 2008

Pop Shuvit 's Chemical Romance

Malaysian band Pop Shuvit has been tagged to be the standing opening band for the rest of emo gods My Chemical Romance's Asian tour.

The band will be in Manila next Friday and Hong Kong the week after to provide support. The 2+2=4 reasoning here is that either Gerard Way and co loved the band to bits when they opened for them at the KL show or that Pop Shuvit are really 12-legged mind controlling slimy aliens from the planet Ktuk'ng.

It's seriously not exactly rocket science to deduce that it's definitely the latter. Why? Because Ktuk'ng aliens are everywhere. And they can morph themselves into anyone. The last known celebrity that was one was Kenny G. How do I know? The hair, damnit, the hair. Guess who else is as well? Yeps, Michael Bolton. Macy Gray? Uhuh. That monster from Ultraman Taro? Most certainly.

Oh, what did you say? Why doesn't Pop Shuvit have the hair? How the hell should I know? Do I look like a Ktuk'ng to you?

Pop Shuvit - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (from Amped and Dangerous)


yolanda said...

pop shuvit is shit. i hate them with a pure and righteous hate.

long live ferns.

Pop Shuvit said...

We love you too Yolanda :)

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