Saturday, January 5, 2008

Look what I found in the bargain bin

Alana Davis
Fortune Cookies

Price: RM10

He was late. He knew it. They knew it. The shopping bag-saddled mother scrambling in the rain to vacate her parking space so this latecomer could move in—she knew it. The escalator hog who rufused to step aside and paid for his selfishness with a three storey downwards trip, landing headfirst in the melting vanilla ice cream cone of an oblivious snogging teenage couple—he knew it.

But there was the unalienable pull of a good deal. A 10-bucks-for-everything sorta deal. And so, despite the requisite text messages of "Where are you?", "The show has already started, you dipstick!" and "Baby, come in two minutes and I'll suck your toenails" already flooding in, he paused. He had to make a choice: Polar bear, or an uncertain browse through a bin that has as equal propensity for housing Josh Groban as it has for Sean Lennon?

The bin won. And emphatically too, as this sparkling, croon-for-noon sophomore from one most unheralded folksoul madam can testify. Meanwhile, The Golden Compass pissed itself to Forgetsville, while the bloody polar bear didn't turn up until over an hour in. Who the heck makes films like that???

Alana Davis - I Don't Care (Lonesome Road) (from Fortune Cookies)

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