Saturday, January 12, 2008

Who's Who at Big Day Out 2008: Dappled Cities

You know what's the best part about discovering a new band? It isn't the surge of satisfaction you get afterwards when they become snobbish rock stars. It isn't the karate chops you get to dish out when someone tells you "Hey their second album's really good", when it's really their 20th. It isn't even the incomparable burst of excitement that envelopes your hairy back when you discover they're playing at a festival that you're attending.

Nah, the best part about discovering a new band is the battalion of Gundam robots that fly over your head the moment you do. What, you mean that's never happened to you before? Poor thing. The precise moment I first heard Dappled Cities—it was high noon on the fourth day of war and I was just about to lop my 30th grenade at enemy troops when the jangly restrains of 'Fire Fire Fire' shot through the air—at least 240 Gundam bots burst through the clouds and laced napalm on a poor soddy group of helpless enemy soldiers. Granted, I was in a war, and there were about 6,000 Gundam robots zipping around. In fact they were about as common as mutated lizards in Japan or inaudible dialogue in a Stallone movie or beards in the Bible.

Dappled Cities - Fire Fire Fire (from Granddance)

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