Thursday, January 24, 2008

Update! Explosions in the Sky Live in Malaysia: Feb 19

Today I am proud to be a Malaysian.

And no, it's not because our soccer team went through the first round of World Cup qualifications by beating Kazakhstan. Nope. And it's not because Nasi Lemak has just been voted the ultra most gob-smacking piece of culinary brilliance in the world, although it so deserves it. And it is definitely not because I won any Ultimate Street Brawl Championship titles recently. I mean the last one I won was at least 10-days ago. It's been quite a lull.

No my friend. Today is the day I found out that Texan post-rock gods Explosions in the Sky will be in KL on Feb 19 for a one stop show. I say one stop because apparently, the Malaysian stop is the only one (other than Taiwan) in the whole Asia. If that doesn't make you want to wave our flag, I really don't know what will.

And even if they add a Singaporean date and we become less special, it doesn't change the fact that at this moment, I am proud to be Malaysian. Sniff ... snort ... sniff ... snort. I am so silly and patriotic sometimes. Can't help it. Sob.


Date: Tuesday, 19th Feb, 2008
Venue: Ruums Club
Time: 9pm
Ticket price: RM110 (pre-sale) RM130 (door) *Free standing

Explosions in the Sky - So Long Lonesome (from All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone)


Jack Ling said...

Now all things are possible for sure...

whazoole said...

lgglugjlguglggkgkglk! eits here! switchfoot this saturday! holey schmoley 2008 can be the last year of my life

.dellia. said...

i'm soooo gonna be there!

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