Friday, January 11, 2008

Who's Who at Big Day Out 2008: Augie March

You know what's the best part about discovering a new band? It isn't the surge of satisfaction you get afterwards when they go big. It isn't the snarky finger-pointing you get to do when someone tells you "Have you heard of...?" It isn't even the incomparable burst of excitement that envelopes your toenails when you discover they're playing at a festival that you're attending.

Nah, the best part about discovering a new band is the flock of seagulls that fly over your head the moment you do. What, you mean that's never happened to you before? Poor thing. The precise moment I first heard Augie March—it was one sunny Aussie afternoon, when Triple J blasted 'Men Who Follow Spring The Planet 'Round'—at least 24 seagulls burst through the clouds and perched themselves on the ledge of a nearby pier. Granted, I was at the beach, and my mates were feeding chicken to another flock of gulls nearby (yeah, those bipeds are freakin' cannibals). And plus, I vaguely recall another flock shooting by when 'We Built This City' came on. And another bunch when some John Tesh number popped up. And another when this 4-year-old blew his clarinet...

Details, lads, details. God is in the canvas.

Augie March - The Honey Mouth (from Moo, You Bloody Choir)

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