Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sunburst Music Festival: March 15, Malaysia

Malaysia finally gets a proper music fest to its name. The Sunburst Music Festival, which is slated to happen on March 15 is set to feature 22 live performances on four stages. Acts tagged to appear include American modern rock sluts Incubus, eclectic soul-hop unit The Roots and now-legendary American pop-punk band The Offspring (to be confirmed). More acts will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

But that is hardly amazing. I mean to say that is amazing is like saying Optimus Prime is manly, my calves are huge or Rob Thomas is gay. What is amazing is that:

a) Scorpions are not on the bill

b) Kreator are not on the bill

c) Deep Purple are not on the bill

d) Michael Learns to Rock are not on the bill (yet)

Incubus - Oil and Water (from Light Grenades)
The Roots - You Got Me (from Things Fall Apart) - m4a

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khys said...

Cromok will represent Malaysia? Hopefully...

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