Monday, January 7, 2008

New Release: Hujan - Check Check Rock Rock

Definition of hujan: rain; to be raining

I used to hate rainy days.

Why? Why would anyone hate rainy days anyways? Is there any other reason that is worth mentioning? Did you say getting wet? Of course not. I don't care about getting some water on my clothes, helps show off my packs better, huah!

I used to hate it cause it interrupted Astro's transmission, and consequentially, my Baywatch fix.

These days I can't be damned about TV. I decided to just date an actual Baywatch babe instead. Yeah, I am a bit of a go getter. No, it's not a life-size doll silly. It's a life-size poster. It's glossier but a little 2-D but hey, the essential bits are all there, I think.

So yeah, I actually quite like rainy days these days.

Track list:

1) Lepaskan Aku
2) Neon
3) Aku Skandal
4) Sedih
5) Empayar Mu
6) Ku Mahu Kau Tahu
7) Ludah Amerika

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