Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Who's Who at Big Day Out 2008: Arcade Fire

Some girls are so bloody annoying. I mean, just yesterday evening, while I was trying to wind down at the cafe with my "Get your hands off me! No! I said not now! Autographs start at 4.30 okay. Read the damn programme". Stupid schoolgirls. Where was I? Yes, I was at the cafe with a new book and my "Hey! Stop that. Don't ever touch me like that again. Geddit? Not there, like ever." Man, these trainee nurses are just so touchy-feely.

So I had my ipod playing. And my Neon Bible playlist was spinning. And when I looked up, I saw this flyer "What now? No, I do not want you to caress my vents. No. No, that's not what I said earlier. Earlier I said 'press my pants', not 'caress my vents'. I don't have vents. Stop laughing. Go learn English. Please, somebody take my French maid away."

Sorry about her. She's new. Anyway, so I saw this flyer right, and the flyer says that Arcade Fire is playing at "Go away! Seriously. When I want to renew my books, I'll call you alright? Just leave me alone. I'm trying to tell a story here. Good. Go far away." Where was I? Oh yeah, Arcade Fire's playing at Big Day Out, right. So I was... wait. Just a second.

"You left your pencil skirt again!"

So anyway, I was thinking, OMG. Arcade Fire. Can it really be? So I call my buddies and they were all like "Yeah man, I just read about... hold on mate, girls, can you just knock it off?". Know what I mean? It's crazy. So anyway, yeah. We're all going.

Arcade Fire - Power Out/Rebellion (Lies) (live at Orpheum, Boston)

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