Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This Week's Track 9 - Misty Mountains by Mando Diao

A long time ago, I climbed Mount Vesuvius. As I ascended it's charcoal cliffs, a torrent of molten lava poured down and scaleded my face, peeling off my skin and burned through my flesh. But I pressed on and reached the top.

After that, I climbed The Alps. And as I scaled its biting rocks, a thousand icicles fell on me. They stabbed me in the stomach and on my chest and everywhere you wish it wouldn't stab, even causing gangrene to my left leg. My blood temperature was sub-zero, but I pressed on and reached the top.

And once, I climbed the Rocky Mountains. And as I clawed my way to the summit, a ton of bricks knocked me over to a ledge. Rocks fell on my head, cracked open my skull and stones got mixed with my brain bits before a boulder the size of a bull elephant fell square on me. But I squeezed out, pressed on and reached the top.

And then there was the time I fought the hostile atmosphere of Mount Olympus. And as I forced myself up it's slopes, sulphuric gasses exploded before me, melting the flesh off my hands till all that was left was bone. It choked and burned and the toxic gas poisoned me. But still, I pressed on and reached the very top.

I have conquered the fiercest summits of our known universe. But alas I perished eventually. By what you might ask! Mist? Because this post is supposed to be about Misty Mountains? No, my friends. Not by mist.

By broccoli. They're evil, I tell you. Pure evil.

Mando Diao - Misty Mountains (from Never Seen The Light Of Day)

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