Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Time spotlights five Asian up-and-comers

magazine has highlighted five Asian acts to watch for 2008. Making the cut are Singapore's chicktronica The Analog Girl, Japanese experimentalist Cornelius, Chinese punkers P.K. 14, Indonesia's synth-poppers Goodnight Electric and Phillipines jazz-hop outfit The Out Of Body Special.

It's a respectable list, no doubt. But then again, the reps all hail from those usual suspects, with none from the Middle East or some other less 'indie' nation. Which means they totally ignored the Siamese crocodiles of Cambodia, whose mating calls resemble an Arcade Fire b-side. They also overlooked the morning wails of the Eld deer of Laos. And they forgot to sample sounds from the cicada in my backyard, all of who auditioned for Polyphonic Spree but were denied entry because their surnames were not DeLaughter (alas, they're from the Abidin clan). Such nepotism, sheesh.

To read more, click here.

The Analog Girl - Hello Machina (from Sometime Next Galaxy EP)
The Out Of Body Special - Soundcheck (from Is Love)
P.K. 14 - What Kind Of Wind Is Blowing (from White Paper)
Goodnight Electric - Psychic Girl (from Love and Turbo Action)
Cornelius - Cue (from Gum EP)


Anonymous said...

Not true. Cicadias have a .ogg recording on wikipedia, highlighting their musical talents. It's just a matter of time before they pick up a recording contract.

fat baloon said...

my antelope also has a .ogg recording on wikipedia. in fact, he got a recording contract last week but on thursday, a lion ate him. bloody sucks, i tell you.

now i gotta try get that lion a .ogg record on wiki as well. oh the pain.

Pantsy said...

bloody lion. better boycott his debut.

The Geek said...

bloody lion? i say bloody wiki for making all these animals die for nothing.

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