Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Word for the Week: 50


We passed 50,000 site visits. Which calls for a redesign. Which is coming soon. Which will totally rock. Which is not what Nickelback does. Which is the last time Nickelback and this blog will be found together. Which is so, unless they have one unprotected night in Mongkok behind my back. Which means their bastard child will be a scarier creature than Chad Kruger and Davy Jones combined. Which is still not as scary as an aye-aye.

Pinback - Off By 50 (from Autumn Of The Seraphs)
The way this one ascends, you'd have thought Led Zeppelin rehearsed for their reunion show in Rob Crow's attic.

Wiley - 50/50 (from Playtime Is Over)
It's a good thing this Brit MC did a Jay-Z-a-bout regarding retirement; slick slurps like this deserve our butter a lil' longer.

Pacific UV - 50s (from E.P.)
While these dreampop lollies relocated and prepped their sophomore (due 19th February), they offer a smacking teaser to suck on. Still sucking.

50FootWave - Vena Cava (from Free Music! EP)
Kirstin Hersh can't decide if she's Kurt Cobain with boobs or Patti Smith with Dave Grohl's splintered drumsticks.

Scarecrow Collection - 50 Ways (To Leave Your Lover) (from 2006-03-25 Red Square, Albany, NY)
Long live the jam band that owns the world's only CD player without a pause button.

50 Cent (featuring Mary J. Blige) - All Of Me (from Curtis)
If only Fiddy took this succulent blueprint, xeroxed it 15 times, and then fronted Kanye with a teddy bear mask over his head. Then we woulda had a real duel.

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Anonymous said...

Kristin Hersh predates those...umm other guys.

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