Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Who's Who at Big Day Out 2008: Björk

If there was anything that is absolutely true about Björk, it is you should be utterly afraid of her.

I mean the woman beats up reporters for sport. Just the other day, I saw her sitting around some cafe, she appeared like she was trying to read Bobby and Jane Goes to School. Then she had this frustrated look. Like the book was difficult to read. Then she chucked the book aside grabbed some 10-year old boy with a camera and proceeded to beat the boy up. Sure, the boy was obviously not a reporter, but did she care? Of course not.

If the picture above hasn't already scared the holy shit out of you, then you my friend, are probably the bravest man on earth. Which should mean that should our world ever be overrun by zombies, you may just be our only defense. Because seriously, Björk could probably just make these weird cooing sounds, run around in a random pattern and sing a few lines from 'Vökuró' and every zombie brain will melt. I stress will, not maybe.

Björk - Aurora (from Vespertine)


barry, of barry and the barometers said...

It's a sad day when people with no talent can become famous by being weird.

ALNITAK said...

Lol... She has talent imho.
She's also intense/scary.
I can't believe she would beat up a kid and get away with it, though.

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