Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Release: Ash Nair - Chameleon

When I was 6-years-old, I had my first experience of a real dillemma. I was sitting on our new living room sofa, which was the softest, cushiest thing in the world. The ceiling fan was turning around languidly above me, and I had a bowl of coconut candy on my lap. Everything was smackdrool. And I should not have wanted anything else.

But outside, the sunshine was golden and the sky was a spanking blue. Birds zipped across the sky, tweeting in midflight and squirrells scampered across the lawn, carrying acorns and walnuts. A group of amber-haired flower girls danced around a tree, with their ribbonny skirts flutterring around their ankles.

Candy or sunshine? At six, that was my dillemma.

In the end, I dragged the sofa to the edge of the doorway and watched the girls and squirrels and birds while stuffing my face with coconut candy. I'll never know what it was like to completely deny the lure of the outdoors and bask in the lazy idyll of my sofa and candy. Nor will I ever know what it was like to completely deny the indoors and run unfetterred into the splendid garden.

Ash Nair's debut album is like that afternoon. One foot for himself, one foot for the public. One eye on his cd collection and another eye on the radio. One hand in his pocket and the other one giving a peace sign.

Well, as far as peace signs go, The Stage and A Day After Tomorrow are the 1815 Treaty of Paris. Peace.

Track list:

1. Jangan Tinggal Ku
2. Runaway
3. Crazy
4. The Stage
5. A Day Before Tomorrow
6. Splinters
7. Wish You Well
8. Long Way Home
9. Journey's End
10. Rindu

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