Thursday, March 6, 2008

B-Side Of The Week - King Rat

Modest Mouse
King Rat (from the Dashboard single)
(Epic Records)

Sometimes, promises just don't come good. And potential is never realised. Like that time, when my kindergarten teacher told me that I would become a great educator one day. I ended up leading some lousy inter battle to push back the invading forces of Plutonian bug-eyed stork aliens.

And when I was growing up, my dad told me that he believed that one day, I would grow into a steadfast and honourable man. But I ended up spending seven years as a no-good civil rights advocate in Burundi, battling on ground zero among the downtrodden.

It hurts when you don't live up to your potential.

So when I learned that Modest Mouse's King Rat was originally the first of two tracks in a pre-We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank promo disc, and eventhough it missed the album cut, it was slated for a swanky EP release complete with a music video featuring Heath Ledger, who then had to die and potentially send the project into the refrigerator, and all it is today is a stinking b-side, I remember all those things that people told me...

Like that time my fairy godmother said that I will grow up brave and strong. Damn woman jinxed me. Now, I'm just a lowly slayer of six-headed demon frogs with four tiers of shark fangs. I hate it when those buggers retreat into water. Bloody cowards.

Modest Mouse - King Rat

1 comment:

Tamato said...

That's a little dark.

MM's good though. That whole CD kicks ass, so it isn't to say that the song isn't for shit at all.

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