Monday, March 3, 2008

New Release: flica - windvane & window

I am a veritable genius when it comes to interpreting album art. Like, take Euseng Seto, aka flica. The debut of this Malaysian ambient act (and one half of Muxu) contains 10 tracks, each one entitled with a lowercase letter. On the cover sits a single, dainty leaf, and the artiste name and album title, written in size 0.0234 font. The inside front cover is adorned by a bunch of credits, written in size someone-fetch-my-Hubble-space-telescope font. There is no CD sleeve.

So, channelling all that info through my impeccable inner sanctum of art history, I have concluded that:

  • flica likes pandas
  • there is a submarine submerged off the coast of Costa Rica that is currently throwing a party for 345 playmates, and
  • my grandmother knows kung fu.
Seriously, stuff like that just screams out to me. Instantly. You can call me prof.

Track list:

1. f
2. g
3. h
4. i [update 6/3/08: removed on request]
5. j
6. k
7. l
8. m
9. l (Akira Kosemura remix)
10. i (Haruka Nakamura remix)

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