Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Look what I found in the bargain bin

Jeff Buckley
Sketches (for My Sweetheart the Drunk)

Price: AUD$10.00

Many things are about being appropriate. The man deserved an appropriate death and he got one. Old age and some grandsons wouldn't have been his thing.

Take me for example, I often thought it was absolutely appropriate that I talk about the wonderful entertainment value of Ultraman to my grandmother. She often stared at me blankly, like I was talking through my armpits but hey, I know deep down inside, she knew the heartbeat of her grandson. Or how I think it is absolutely appropriate that I strip down naked in the middle of town when it's a hot day. I mean, how else are you going to get some relieve? Buy a drink you say? That's for pansies. Or how I think it is absolutely appropriate for me to carry a Katana blade to a wedding party. I mean, what is a celebration without some sword fighting anyways? And plus, what if someone tries to come steal the bride on a horse, who the heck is going to behead the horseman? What did you say? I am stuck in the past? What past, isn't this being retro? You know, horses and blades? Retro right?

Jeff Buckley - Nightmares By the Sea (from Sketches (for My Sweetheart the Drunk)

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