Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Look what I found in the bargain bin

Don't Believe the Truth

Price: RM9.90

I was waiting for my trust fund agent. He was late. It was raining. And there was a KFC at the corner of my eye.

I put away my Katana blade and turned up the stereo. 20-minutes later, I was restless, so I walked down and headed into the nearest mall. I walked into the first interesting I see, which was the KFC. Nah, nothing there but fried chicken. Yeah, I know, it's pretty intuitive of me. I try my best. So I headed into the next interesting thing, which was a cute little gift shop with pinky things hanging about. What, don't you know? Pink is the new color of war. I found nothing there as well. So I dropped a grenade in there and blew it up. I was taught once about 'leaving no survivors'. I believe it was a General called Nintendo that taught me. I have based my life on that ethos ever since. I have blown up every eatery I have eaten in as well. It's a discipline. Though I am starting to wonder why the quality of food in Malaysia is deteriorating in general. Must be them aliens.

After the dust settled, I headed into the only music shop in the mall and found this. After buying the CD I blew up the shop as well.

Oasis - Let There Be Love (from Don't Believe the Truth)

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