Friday, March 21, 2008

Gig-gles: Broken Social Scene Live at Mosaic Music Festival, Singapore - 9 March 2008

Photo courtesy of Esplanade, Singapore

Watching Broken Social Scene is like going on a blind date.

It's all about hoping for the best cause you never know what you are going to get. You get yourself ready by bathing in perfume and squeezing yourself into your Saturday night's best. You clean your car of the empty Livita bottles and 2-year old chicken bones. You drive out early and park at the street next to hers waiting, preparing and generally just making sure you don't shit in your pants.

Then as you clutch tightly onto your bouquet of flowers, buzz her door bell and she opens the door, you find that the 'she' you've been expecting is really a 'he'. And not only is he a 'he', he also happens to have a beard. And not just any beard, but a Biblical beard. Yeah the type that gets tangled up with your pubes. And he stinks of cheap beer and starts cussing about your mom, dad, aunt and cousin's boyfriend's sister's best friend's pet platypus. And just as you are about to cry your eyes out for being such a loser, he says 'Gojira'.

And suddenly, dating a bearded man doesn't sound so bad after all.

Broken Social Scene - Looks Just Like the Sun (from You Forgot it in People)

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