Friday, March 14, 2008

Soapbox: Killing

Today's Soapbox was sort of brought to you by Word For The Week.

Miguel looks out the window. Suzanne stands behind him, talking. Miguel talks to her, but out of the window.

I did not mean it.

Don't say that! You stabbed mother six times in her neck!

MIGUEL I was confused, Suzanne! I need some space to think!

Bad Cash Quartet - Searching Is Killing Me (from Midnight Prayer) The door opens.

Miguel! Que pagará por lo que ha hecho!

Pato Asado! No puede ser que usted realmente!

Roast Duck whips out a gun and fires at Miguel. Suzanne leaps into the path of the bullet, killing her.

Aimee Mann - You Could Make A Killing (from I'm With Stupid)

Haaahahahah!!! Dog laughs. Cat beams in pride. “This is really good shit”, Dog says.
“So, this gets the go ahead?”, Cat asks.
“Does it?” Dog bellows. “It’ll be on air before next week.”

In a house across town, a mysterious intruder wipes the blood off Palm Tree’s katana sword. Another deadpan badger joke has been told.

Skip James - Hardtime Killing Floor Blues

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