Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gig-gles: Raul Midon Live at Mosaic Music Festival, Singapore - 11 March 2008

Photo courtesy of Esplanade, Singapore

The crowd stood up. A couple of old ladies were dabbing their teary eyes with Scottex. The dude in front of me clapped harder than an final-year nanotechnology exam. Amidst the whoops and hurrahs and mummy-I-want-guitar-lessons-now, one man next to me gushed, "My goodness! I have never seen anything like that!". To which his gig buddy replied, "Yeah, he's pretty impressive aye?". And to which first dude said, "Impressive? He was pheNOMenal!"

Yeah, he pretty much was.

Set list:

1. Pick Sombody Up
2. All Because of You
3. All the Answers
4. Ain't Happened Yet
5. Suddenly
6. Sunshine
7. Why
8. Song for Sandra
9. Caminando
10. If You're Gonna Leave
11. Temberarana
12. Sittin' in the Middle
13. Expression of Love
14. State of Mind

15. Waited All My Life

Raul Midon - Song For Sandra (from A World Within A World)

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Anonymous said...

Great post, Raul Midon is truely fantastic.

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