Monday, March 24, 2008

Fad of the Land: Voice of McDonald's II

So you work in a company where 1.6 million other people do the same thing you do. How the heck you gonna stand out? Why, sing, by golly!

Therein lies the premise of Voice of McDonald’s II. Open to all Maccers restaurant staff, something like 3,600 people from 53 countries signed up for this in-house contest. The top 14 have been picked, and now its up to we the customers to choose the three best, who will then go to Orlando to compete for a US$25,000 first prize.

So who's the worthy winner? The German dude. Why, cos he sings awesome? Heck no. He's the champ because hands down, he's got the trippiest video. Basically, he walks around a bar with a gecko on his shoulder and a drunk caribou on the floor that chomps on an empty glass. His closest competitor would be the Russian gal, who sounds like she swallowed the German dude's gecko. They've both got serious talent. So ladies and gents, vote. May we always endeavour to make sure that our double cheeseburgers come courtesy of the world's most bored weirdos.


Amadou and Mariam (featuring Manu Chao) - Senegal Fast Food (from Dimanche à Bamako) [BUY]

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