Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Release: B-Quartet - Tomorrow is Our Permanent Address

Naming albums after famous quotes by literary legends has gotta be the most novel thing ever. Ever. B-Quartet have clearly found the most succinct of quotes—a quotable by E.E. Cummings—to match the Thom-inflected tunes that populate their sophomore album, which is seriously gorgeous in every shape, size and sentiment. Singapore, inflate thy chest with pride.

Therefore, having been freshly inspired, my sensational new band Oscar the Boxcar have decided to go that direction for our 219th album. Previous titles have included Shred Till You're Dead and King Kong loves Ping Pong, but we thought that it was important to dumb down the immense originality to appeal to our fanatical fanclub of tapirs (they aren't very educated, the poor chaps). Hence, the new album title will be:

I am a Bear of Very Little Brain, and Long Words Bother me

Thanks, Winnie. Stuff like that still makes me all teary.

Track list:

1. When Mathematics Fail
2. Shoebox
3. Personal Space [update 3/4/08: link changed]
4. Disp rs
5. Alphanumeric
6. Not An Inkblot
7. Stupid Luxury
8. Boutique
9. Kleptomania
10. Beautiful Crash

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