Sunday, March 30, 2008

Look what I found in the bargain bin

Dappled Cities Fly
A Smile
(Smash Music)

Price: AU$7.50

I'm not a bitter man. No, really. I've forgiven the boy who broke my Snake Eyes action figure, and the girl who dropped my ice cream, and the hippopotamus who laughed when I tried to do ballet and instead peed in my pants. Yes, I'm a complete, whole adult male.

That is, until two months ago. Now, one person will never be forgiven. He or she is destined to face the wrath of my sharpened-12-times-a-day katana. He or she had better not be driving on the same road as my heat-seeking missile-armed tractor.

Who is this person? The dude who handled the timetable for Big Day Out, and found it no biggie to schedule Dappled Cities Fly on a small stage at the same time as Silverchair, who hogged the main platform, thus forcing me to watch the doinkface that is Daniel Johns in order to retain my prime spot for Bjork and Rage Against The Machine later that evening.

So... dude, you like strawberries? Eat them while you can, you dork. You're lucky I'm a better bargain hunter than I am a human tracker.

Dappled Cities Fly - Blame It On The Boys (from A Smile)

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