Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Foo Fighters Live in Malaysia - Year end?

I asked a friend recently if he would go watch the Foo Fighters if they ever came to Malaysia (there's a frightening rumor that they will be heading here year end). He said yes, strangely. I wouldn't.

Why? Because if I go watch them, I would be admitting that aliens do exist. And never mind that the term 'foo fighter' was used to qualify any erratically-moving flying object, I still prefer to be safe than sorry.

What did you say? Band? Of course they do, they travel in bands so that they can ambush you easier. Don't be fooled.

Foo Fighters - Generator (from There's Nothing Left to Lose)


ozzysky said...

hey, i heard rumors saying they'll be playing in sunburst this coming March.. fingers crossed :P

Unknown said...

Now come to august. where is the post grunge band!!! liar

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