Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bear Garden gives away a song a month

June Somsiri Sangkaew, aka Bear Garden, must have ended 2007 with an epiphany. How else to explain her decision to give away 11 songs in 11 months in 2008? Yeah, this electropop bassorita and co-founder of Thailand's Panda Records is letting us netty peeps download one track a month (this month's lolly ain't out, but u can get the March song below).

On second thoughts, maybe she wasn't struck by an epiphany. Maybe she's just wired like that. Why, anything cute and chirpy is bound to be generous. For instance, have you met Ricardo, my salamander? Dude never fails to share his flies with his brothers and sisters. Even lets me have a nibble or two to go with my fried rice. Now, you can dispute the "cute" side of Ricardo, and argue that having 18 operations on his voice box to give him that requisite chirp isn't exactly natural, and say that blablablablablblabla... oh shush. Stop peeing on someone's charity, people. God bless his heart.

To find out more, click here.

Bear Garden - เรือลำน้อย (Full Ahead A Little Ship) (Internet single)

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